A Knack for Crafts is a site where you can find printables for free download, DIY tutorials, and gift/giveaway or party favor ideas  that are practical and easy to make for everyday and for the special days we celebrate.

Our goal is to make your like a little easier…

meet the crafters...

Hi, I'm Dawn...

I am I am currently residing in Dubai, UAE and works in Logistics (I know it sounds boring!)

Annndd, yes, doing Logistics work is quite stressful. That's why in my free time (day offs) or what is left of it, I want to do things that I know can relax my mind and take the week's stress away.

When I was young, I and my siblings grew up helping my dad build things like cabinets, shelves, etc. I would always like to pretend that I was his assistant back then 😉
And that's where I think I got my interest in doing crafts and DIYs.

I am also a new mom of a cute li'l boy named Jaiden and I love him to bits!♥

During my recent 3-month long vacation in the Philippines, my sister, Bebs, introduced me to blogging and it really piqued my interest.

So, we envisioned this website and after returning to Dubai, we started building it and here I am - blogging about crafts and DIYs and enjoying every bit of it ☺