Valentine’s day is approaching! All lovebirds will go to their favorite restaurants for sure! If you are planning to have a quiet and intimate dinner at home, why not try making these personalized candle holders and make your dinner extra special!

Candlelight dinner is a very romantic Valentines day idea and this project will surely make your date with your loved one sweeter !♥

personalized candle holder

Here’s what you’ll be needing and how you can do it in 5 simple steps:


  • a pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Glitters
  • Plain glass candle holders
  • Your design template (it may be your initials or just simple symbols like hearts ♥)


1.Using your scissors, cut your design.
(Take note: when printing your design, make sure you know the height of your glass)

personalized candle holder

2. After cutting the design, paste it on top of the glass using your glue.

personalized candle holder

3. When your design is in place, put some glue over and around it.

personalized candle holder

4. Sprinkle glitters in the area with the glue and shake off the excess.
(When doing this step, just be sure to put some paper below your working station as the glitters can get a bit messy when shaking it off and also, you can always use the excess glitters later on with other projects 😉 )

personalized candle holder

5. Remove your design carefully from the glass to reveal the final look.

personalized candle holder
personalized candle holder

These very elegant candle holders will definitely set the mood perfectly!♥♥♥

personalized candle holder

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